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Larry! A Curb Your Enthusiasm Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

Kasio and De are working on Season 2 of Curb and will be back soon, but in the meantime enjoy a bonus ep from Kasio's horror movie podcast featuring De as a guest! (Originally aired Nov 2019)

Join the Double A Horror Highway as they discuss John Water's Serial Mom from 1994! In this episode we talk about how we all know...

Mar 24, 2020

This week Kasio discusses her Subaru, De talks about quitting vaping and then they get into the season 1 finale: The Group! Plot synopsis: Jeff offers Cheryl a role in The Vagina Monologues.. Larry runs into an old girlfriend who asks him to go to an incest survivors group with her which is led by the director of the...

Mar 17, 2020

This week Kasio and De discussing aging and then jump into the ep! 

Larry makes an inappropriate remark to an African-American doctor. Larry and Cheryl travel across L.A. to retrieve a prescription, which is repeatedly complicated by Larry. (Curb discussion starts around 8 mins)

Instagram: larrycurbpodcast


Mar 10, 2020

This week Kasio and De discuss haircuts and conspiracy theories before jumping into Beloved Aunt: When Cheryl's aunt dies, the family asks Larry to write the obituary. But when it gets printed in the newspaper, an unfortunate typo lands Larry in the hot seat. (Curb discussion starts at 14 mins.)


Mar 3, 2020

This week Kasio discusses “werewolf time” and the HBO show Euphoria. De encourages society to have more consideration for each other in tight spaces and shares a story about her inability to take a compliment. We also learn what "Jennifer Love Hewitt eyes" are. (AAMCO discussion starts at 12 mins.) Cheryl holds a...